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Infertility and other issues prevent some people from having a child on their own. Surrogacy can help you overcome these hurdles.

Thanks to gestational surrogacy, couples and individuals can experience parenthood without putting their or their child's health at risk.

Learn how Drs. Marc Kalan and Nurit Winkler help patients throughout Encino, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield, CA, build their families...

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process in which one woman carries a baby for another woman or intended parent. Surrogacy has been practiced for thousands of years, when one woman would turn to another woman to help her have a child. This profound relationship between a surrogate and intended parent continues today with the modern practice of surrogacy.

Dr. Kalan and Dr. Winkler are greatly experienced in the technical, emotional, and medical aspects of modern surrogacy. The expert staff at the Los Angeles Reproductive Center manages a multitude of surrogacy cycles each year, and is dedicated to making the experience successful for their patients.

Types of Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy

A traditional surrogate is someone who uses their eggs and carries the pregnancy to term for the intended parent(s). The resulting child is genetically related to the surrogate. Most fertility specialists prefer not to use traditional surrogacy because of the potentially negative psychological effects on the surrogate and child as they get older. Traditional surrogacy also increases the risk of legal ambiguity on parental rights once the child is born.

Gestational Surrogacy

A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries a pregnancy that is conceived with eggs from another woman. In a gestational surrogacy, embryos are created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) from eggs and sperm of the intended parents or their selected donors. Once an embryo is created, it is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. The gestational surrogate does not have a genetic link to the child, acting solely as a carrier for the pregnancy.

Pregnant woman showing happy couple ultrasound pictures Pregnant woman showing happy couple ultrasound pictures

Reasons to Consider Surrogacy Why It May Be Right for You

Uterine Factors

Surrogacy may be ideal for women who have congenital uterine abnormalities, a scarred uterus from prior surgery, or who experienced complications from a prior pregnancy. It's also a good option for women who lack a uterus due to surgery or who were born without a uterus (uterine agenesis).

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

If you've experienced two or more miscarriages, this is known as recurrent pregnancy loss. It also means a high risk of another pregnancy loss. Surrogacy allows women who've experienced recurrent pregnancy loss to become mothers themselves, and protects their health and the health of their child.

General Health Risks

A number of medical conditions put mothers at risk during pregnancy or delivery, including heart disease, kidney and liver disease, autoimmune conditions, cancer, uncontrolled seizure disorders, and chronic conditions that require the use of medications that are potentially dangerous during pregnancy.

Same-Sex Couples

Assisted reproductive technology has helped LGBTQ couples experience parenthood. Same-sex female couples who cannot carry a child themselves can work with a surrogate to have their child. Same-sex male couples can similarly benefit, requiring both an egg donor and a gestational carrier.

Multiple IVF Failures

Though IVF is popular and often effective, some patients are unable to conceive despite multiple attempts. Rather than risk another failed IVF cycle, surrogacy could be a better option. Another IVF cycle is performed, though there may be a higher chance of success with the gestational surrogate.

Mental Health Factors

We rarely discuss the emotional toll that pregnancy can take on women, but it's a conversation we should have more. If a mother experienced severe postpartum depression or other physiological conditions from a previous pregnancy, surrogacy can help avoid mental health effects.

Would You Like to Learn More? Contact Our Double Board-Certified Fertility Doctors

Gestational surrogacy may be just what you need to create the loving family you've always wanted.

With offices in Encino and Bakersfield, CA, Dr. Kalan and Dr. Winkler have made parenthood possible for countless couples and individuals. If you've faced any fertility setbacks, you can rely on our team to provide patient, compassionate, state-of-the-art care.

For more information about surrogacy, we encourage you to contact our fertility specialists online. You can also schedule a consultation with our team by phone.

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Dr. Kalan and Dr. Winkler
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5-Star Reviews Compassionate and Patient Fertility Doctors


Shelby Sykes


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Dr. Kalan is a fertility superhero! He is kind, extremely knowledgeable, patient (this is rare in fertility docs), and treated us like he truly cared about our success. He got to the bottom of our fertility issues and created a customized plan for us that ended in success. We are forever grateful to him and his team. I couldn't recommend him more.

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Ashley Sturgeon


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Dr. Winkler is the best of the best! After seeing several doctors before finding her, Dr. Winkler was the only one who was compassionate, positive, and worked tirelessly to find a solution to start our family. She never made us feel like a problem that couldn't be solved. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and all-around amazing. With all of her other patients to see, she always made us feel special and took the time to thoroughly explain what was going on and what to expect.

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Tips for Picking a Surrogate Qualities You Should Look For


  • At least 21 years of age, and no older than 40
  • Excellent physical and medical health
  • Passed a psychological screening
  • Trustworthy, mature, and committed

Pregnant woman greeting happy couple Pregnant woman greeting happy couple

Donors and Surrogacy


When a couple or individual cannot carry a child to term or produce a viable embryo on their own, they will need a sperm donor or egg donor in addition to a surrogate. Once an embryo is ready, it can be transferred to the surrogate. Dr. Kalan and Dr. Winkler can help you find egg donors or sperm donors who will meet your needs.

Legal Considerations California Family Laws

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There are no federal statutes or guidelines regarding surrogacy, and different states have vastly different surrogacy laws. This leads to a number of legitimate concerns regarding parental rights.

As one of the most progressive states in the nation, California family law clearly protects all individuals in third-party reproduction (egg donation and gestational surrogacy). The courts in CA have consistently protected intended parents’ rights and obligations, regardless of whether the parents use their own genetic material, donor eggs, and/or donor sperm.

Because of these supportive statutes, patients come to CA from all over the world to benefit from gestational surrogacy. The physicians at Los Angeles Reproductive Center are accustomed to assisting local, out-of-state, and international patients in this exciting and hopeful process. We can answer any questions you may have before embarking on this journey together.

We Truly Care About You Positive Experiences and Life-Changing Results


Ashley Jebbia


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Dr. Kalan is the most amazing doctor I have ever had! He truly cares about his patients and I cannot say enough good things about him. I wish I could see him throughout my whole pregnancy! But he is so amazing and he is always there for any questions or concerns I have. Thank you, Dr. Kalan, for being an exceptional, caring doctor!

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Lotta Langstrumpf


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Dr. Winkler is the best doctor we ever met before! We did an IVF for surrogacy with her, and we are so thankful of what she did for us. Dr. Winkler and her team are very sympathetic, nice, and communication was perfect. We always felt safe and understood, because of her sensitivity and preparedness. We would definitely recommend it to everyone!

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