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A top destination for couples or individuals from all over the world, the Los Angeles Reproductive Center (LARC) is truly an international fertility practice.  Dr. Marc Kalan and Dr. Nurit Winkler have successfully performed IVF cycles with patients from more than 30 countries on almost every continent including North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Dr. Winkler and Dr. Kalan are both double board certified in OG/Gyn as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (fertility). Both physicians graduated from world renowned universities in the United States, where each won multiple awards for their academic and clinical expertise.  Following graduation, the doctors worked in a private practice together for more than five years, prior to founding LARC.

LARC is a fertility center with exceptional success rates set in a warm, honest and caring environment, perfectly suited for international patients.  Some of the more common treatments utilized by international patients at LARC include:

Egg donation and surrogacy

Due to stringent laws and limitations in countries outside of the U.S., egg donation and surrogacy may be impossible to access for patients in many foreign countries. In the United States, and California in particular, the laws are not only permissive, but supportive of egg donation and surrogacy. For this reason, Los Angeles is among the most popular destinations for international couples and individuals who seek egg donation and/or surrogacy.  Further, when one considers the vast supply of qualified donors and surrogates as well as the established infrastructure in terms of agencies, lawyers and support staff, plus the open and accepting attitude towards the LGBTQ community, it is no wonder that California has become the best location in the world for egg donation and surrogacy.

The physicians at LARC are known to be experts in this aspect of fertility medicine and competently guide their patients through every step of the process.  From helping to find a suitable donor and/or surrogate through the IVF process and early pregnancy, the physicians at LARC guide their patients every step of the way. LARC collaborates with some of the most reputable egg donation and surrogacy agencies in the U.S. to provide their patients with the best surrogates and egg donors from which to choose.  Through the expertise and experience of the doctors and staff of LARC, egg donation and surrogacy can be accomplished successfully within a relatively short amount of time.

Gender selection

The physicians at LARC provide the option of gender selection using the most advanced technology of preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) with next generation sequencing (NGS).  Through this advanced technique, the doctors can identify both the gender and chromosomal (genetic) health of an embryo created through IVF.

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)

PGS technology, which is the same technology that allows for gender selection, is also used to detect any chromosome abnormalities within an embryo prior to implantation. The presence of abnormal chromosomes is the most frequent cause of failed IVF, implantation failure, miscarriage and infertility as women and men age.  Despite being such a significant cause of reproductive problems, the ability to test for chromosomal abnormalities through PGS is not available or not allowed in many countries outside of the U.S. The physicians at LARC can help determine if PGS is right for you.


Many patients who have access to IVF and PGS in their own countries still choose to come to LARC for fertility care.  Because of LARC’s reputation for using the newest and most reliable technology as well as access to different and innovative IVF protocols,  patients who come to LARC enjoy exceptional success rates.  In addition, patients who have failed at other centers, or have been told that they cannot conceive, often turn to LARC for hope and success.

Patient Experience

The patient experience is an incredibly important concept at LARC.  Because every detail of the experience can contribute to the chance for success, the physicians at LARC are dedicated to making every detail perfect.  For international patients, due to travel, time changes, medications and language barriers, this can be a true challenge.  Fortunately, the physicians and staff at LARC are experienced with international patients and therefore able to make process smooth and manageable.  Some of the ways that LARC caters to international patients include the following:

Accommodation and short stay in the US:
For the majority of patients, especially those traveling from a foreign country, time is an important factor.  At LARC, we assume that most international patients are unable to spend an extended amount of time in the U.S.  The physicians at LARC are adept at customizing treatment plans so that patients can spend as little as 7-10 days in the U.S.  This is usually accomplished by coordinating the start of treatment in the patient’s home country, then arriving in the U.S. for the ending parts.

Further, once the patient arrives in the U.S., our offices are easily accessible. 

Moreover, our staff can help recommend hotels, transportation and more for patients who need information about the local area.


One of the foundational principles of LARC is open and free communication.  Communication is especially crucial for international patients due to potentially complicating factors such as distance, time changes, international laws and language. The physicians at LARC always take the extra step to communicate effectively, using every means available. Some of the tools used include telephone and email, as well as internet-based teleconferencing programs such as Skype.  Further, mobile applications such as WeChat, WhatsApp, plus other new communication tools are commonly employed. Regardless of the method, open and constant communication is a critically important aspect of care at LARC.

One of the reasons that LARC is an international hub for fertility care is the staff’s ability to speak numerous languages.  English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian and Chinese can often be heard throughout the halls of our Center.  If one of our staff or physicians do not speak a patient’s language, we have access to translators that can.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment in person or remotely with the physicians at LARC, please call (818) 946-8051 or email us.

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Los Angeles Reproductive Center

Los Angeles Reproductive Center is a state-of-the-art fertility center offering the latest fertility testing and treatment options. Our fertility specialists, Dr. Nurit Winkler and Dr. Marc Kalan, are double board-certified doctors who have been widely recognized for their contributions to reproductive medicine. 

To help all patients achieve their dreams of parenthood, our doctors offer:

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