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Egg Donation

It is normal for single men, women, and couples struggling with natural conception, to look for options to help grow their family.

Drs. Marc Kalan and Nurit Winkler can help make your dreams of parenthood a reality through egg donation.

Find out if egg donation at our Encino, CA, reproductive center is right for you... 

What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a highly successful form of fertility treatment where an egg (oocyte) is obtained from a selected donor, fertilized in the laboratory with sperm from the male patient or sperm donor, then transferred into the intended mother’s or gestational surrogate’s uterus. A wide variety of our patients in the greater Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA, regions can benefit from the egg donation process, including single men and women, and couples. 

Compassionate Care for All

Egg donation for single individuals and couples is a common practice at the Los Angeles Reproductive Center. Our agency is proud to assist all kinds of families and believes that everyone has the equal right to parenthood. Drs. Kalan and Winkler have dedicated their lives to helping patients navigate the complicated process of fertility, and can guide you through this emotional and exciting time. Our reproductive centers in Los Angeles, Encino, Calabasas, and Sherman Oaks, CA, are judgment-free zones where anyone can access the knowledgeable and compassionate care they need. You can send us a message online or schedule a consultation by calling:

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"Fantastic guy. Quick, direct, professional, helpful, knowledgeable. Great experience. I highly recommend him ans his staff." Elizabeth S.

Selecting an Egg Donor

While it is possible to find almost any characteristic in an egg donor, it is difficult to find everything you want in a single person. It is important to consider each egg donor as a whole person and not focus on any one trait or characteristic. There are many factors that our patients in the greater Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA, areas need to consider during their search... 


One of the first and most complicated decisions is choosing to select an egg donor you know personally or a donor that remains anonymous.


For some prospective parents, it is important to find someone with a similar ethnic, religious, or cultural background.

Physical Attributes

You may be looking for certain traits or abilities such as physical appearance, athleticism, IQ, artistic talent, or resemblance to your own genetic traits. 

Medical History

Our agency will thoroughly evaluate the medical history of each potential egg donor, as well as that of their immediate family. 


It is common for prospective parents to seek a donor with similar personality traits as their own.

Egg Donation Is More Successful
Than You Might Think...

The chances of fertilized donor eggs producing viable embryos is about 80%.

*According To Family Solutions International

While each stage of the process comes with different success rates, our agency does everything possible to increase your chances of having a child. 

The Egg Donation Process

Take a look at the steps involved for egg donor recipients at our fertility agency in Encino CA...


For heterosexual couples, we begin by preparing for your cycle with screenings to identify any abnormalities that may interfere with fertilization or implantation. Same-sex couples and single men will begin with selecting a gestational surrogate who will undergo the same process to prepare for the cycle. 

Egg Donor/Surrogate Selection

Once you have selected an egg donor, the female partner or gestational surrogate will undergo hormone treatment to synchronize with their ovulation cycle.

Egg Retrieval

During a minor procedure called transvaginal ovarian aspiration (also known as egg retrieval), the doctor will remove the eggs from the donor’s ovaries. We insert an ultrasound probe into the vagina and use a needle to extract eggs from each follicle.


On the day of the egg retrieval, the male partner will provide sperm which will be used to fertilize the eggs. IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is the process of combining the sperm and donor eggs in the lab to create fertilized embryos. The embryos will remain in the lab until the day of transfer, typically about five days later. 

Embryo Transfer

Similar to traditional IVF, the embryos are placed into a catheter and transferred into the uterus of the recipient under ultrasound guidance. In about 9 to 14 days, a pregnancy test can confirm the success of treatment 
"Dr. Kalan is a fertility Superhero! He is kind, extremely knowledgeable, patient (this is rare in fertility docs) and treated us like he truly cared about our success. He got to the bottom of our fertility issues and created a customized plan for us that ended in success. We are forever grateful to him and his team. I couldn't recommend him more." Shelby S.
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Los Angeles Reproductive Center

Los Angeles Reproductive Center is a state-of-the-art fertility center offering the latest fertility testing and treatment options. Our fertility specialists, Dr. Nurit Winkler and Dr. Marc Kalan, are double board-certified doctors who have been widely recognized for their contributions to reproductive medicine. 

To help all patients achieve their dreams of parenthood, our doctors offer:

  • Compassionate care
  • Flexible payment options
  • Two conveniently located offices

Schedule a consultation online or call us at (818) 946-8051 to learn more about our fertility treatments.

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Los Angeles Reproductive Center is a unique fertility clinic focused on treating patients like family and built upon the principles of communication, compassion, warmth, openness, and service that accompanies an exceptional pregnancy rate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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