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Treatment for Ovulation Disorders By on July 09, 2018

Female reproductive systemInfertility is a problem that affects more than six million American couples. There are many issues that can affect fertility and make it difficult to conceive. Understanding the cause of infertility is often key to providing appropriate fertility treatment. Fertility treatments address the source of fertility issues to significantly increase a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Ovulation disorders are one common cause of infertility. At Los Angeles Reproductive Center, our team of experienced fertility specialists is happy to offer treatment for ovulation disorders at our Los Angeles, CA practice. Here, we discuss some of the treatments that may be most effective in the treatment of ovulation disorders.

Fertility Drugs

In many cases, ovulation disorders can be effectively treated with fertility drugs. Since this is the least invasive fertility treatment, it is always best to start with this treatment method, and then proceed to other techniques if fertility drugs prove ineffective.

Fertility drugs contain hormones that stimulate the follicles and encourage egg development. Initially, we may start patients on oral fertility medication. This type of medication is usually taken for a period of five days during the menstrual cycle.

If oral fertility drugs fail to stimulate ovulation, we may recommend injectable fertility drugs. Like oral medication, injectable fertility drugs stimulate follicle growth. However, injectable fertility drugs must be monitored through ultrasound and blood tests.

Fertility drugs are a great choice for women experiencing ovulation disorders because they tend to be highly successful, have minimal degree of risk, and result in few side effects.


IUI, or intrauterine insemination, is sometimes recommended along with fertility drugs for the treatment of ovulation disorders. We may suggest this treatment method if fertility drugs alone failed to result in a pregnancy or if the patient is older than 35.

During an IUI procedure, a sample of the male partner’s semen is collected and then processed in our laboratory. The “washed” semen is inserted into a catheter that is then placed through the cervix and into the uterus.

By introducing the sperm directly to the egg, we can significantly increase the chance of conception. IUI is particularly effective if there are male infertility issues along with female ovulation disorders.


IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is not typically necessary when a couple is dealing solely with ovulation disorders. However, if other fertility problems are present, if the source of infertility is unknown, or if other treatment methods have not been successful, then IVF often offers the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

IVF is a multi-step procedure that monitors and assists in all stages of conception, including ovulation and fertilization. Although IVF is more invasive than other fertility treatments, it has a high rate of success and is one of the most preferred treatment methods among our patients.

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